Mega Man X3

Mega Man X3
Mega Man X3.jpg
Release date(s)JP December 1, 1995

NA January 4, 1996

EU July 25, 1996
Genre(s)Action/Arcade, Side Scrolling
Mode(s)Single player
Available onSNES,PC,PSX

Around a few years have passed since X has saved his friend Zero and stopped the X-Hunters. Since then, a robot scientist named Dr. Doppler has created a device he calls the "Neuro Computer", this allows him to control his creation and prevent them from becoming maverick, thus neutralizing the mavericks. A few months later, a lot of Dr. Doppler's creations were turning maverick suddenly, and soon they begin to attack major cities. Maverick Hunter has indicated that Dr. Doppler is behind the attacks. But, before X and Zero were sent to destroy the mavericks and imprison Dr. Doppler, his forces attacked the Maverick Hunter Headquarters. X and Zero must protect the Headquarters, destroy Doppler's army and capture the doctor himself.

In this game, you can play as Zero himself. Plus, you can also use multiple ridable mechlanoids.

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