Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cyberbeast Gregar

Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cyberbeast Gregar
Cybeast Gregar.jpg
Developer:Capcom Production Studio 2
Available for:Game Boy Advance, Game Boy SP, Game Boy Micro
Release Date:JP Nov 23, 2005
NA Jun 13, 2006
PAL Jun 16, 2006

[edit] Story

Megaman Battle Network 6: Cyberbeast and Gregar is the 6th and final installment of the Battle Network Series. Cyberbeast Falzar is the other version of this game. It starts off Lan Hikari and his netnavi, Megaman, they have to move away from ACDC town, Lan's childhood town, because of his dad's new job. They move to Central Town and Lan goes to school there. He makes new friends named Mick, Tab, and Iris at school. Eventually, the Cybeasts get re-awaken by the WWW, the evil people lead by Dr. Wily, and takes one. However, the other cybeast goes inside of Megaman, and gives him power. So the WWW tries to take the other cybeast inside of Megaman. As the battles are the same, there is a new power given to Megaman, the "Beast out" power. When you click on the icon, you will turn into a mini powered Cybeast. You also have the "Cross System" in the game as well. It's like the same thing as DublSoul in BN4 and 5, but it lasts till then end of the battle or you get hit with your weakness. The Navis you can Cross System with are: Heatman, Elecman, Slashman, Eraseman, and Chargeman. Now with these new powers, Lan and Megaman must stop the WWW from destroying the world. As you get farther into the story, you learn that Colonel, and his operator, Baryl as turned to the WWW side and you learn that Iris has a connection to them.

[edit] Controls

Up,Down,Left, and Right - move Megaman and Lan.
A button - your selection button.
B button - your other selection button.
Start button - pause the game and axcess your folders, library, megaman status, etc.
L button - talk to Lan or Megaman
R button - Jack in/out 

[edit] Other Stuff To Do

Other than story mode you can complete your battle chip library. Do jobs on the Request BBS. Battle all of the secret Navis and battle the last boss SP form.

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