Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel

Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel
Team Colonel.jpg
Developer:Capcom Production Studio 2
Available for:Game Boy Advance, Game Boy SP, Game Boy Micro
Release Date:JP Feb 24, 2005
NA Jun 10, 2005
EU Jun 21, 2004
AUS Apr 12, 2007


Megaman Battle Network 5: Team Colonel is the 5th installment of the Battle Network series. It starts by you getting an email from Dr. Hikari, telling Lan to get his friends, Mayl, Dex, and Yai, and come to the SciLab. When you get there, he wants to show you guys something, but he forgot his keycard and tells Lan to get it. Lan walks over to the desk where he can't be seen and a sleeping gas bomb gets thrown in the room. Dr. Regal, leader of Nebula, comes and kidnaps Dr. Hikari and steals Dex's, Mayl's, and Yai's PETs. Lan was behind a wall so they didn't steal his PET. Lan wakes up 3 days later, and hears about a problem at SciLab. He and MegaMan, rush over there and find a mysterious navi named Colonel and his operator, Baryl. Baryl wants Lan to join his team for taking back the net from Nebula. Lan accepts and the story begins! As battles are the same, there is also a new strategy game called Liberation Missions. You have to defeat the Darkloid in that area to win, but you have to get to him, and destroy all of the dark holes in the area. Along the way you will recruit more Navis on the team with special abilities. Like KnightMan, When an enemy attacks a member, and KnightMan is close he will block the attack. After you control the area again, you will get DublSoul. Your first is KnightSoul and last is ColonelSoul.


D-pad: move Megaman/Lan
A button: selection or action button/choose and play a chip
B button: selection button/megabuster
start button: pause the game/menu
L button: Talk to Megaman or Lan/ Examine area (in Liberation missions)
R button: Jack in or out/ Change Navi (in Liberation missions)

more to come..

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