Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue

Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue
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Developer:Capcom Production Studio 2
Available for:Game Boy Advance, Game Boy SP, Game Boy Micro
Release Date:JP Mar 28, 2003
NA Jun 24, 2003
PAL July 4, 2004

[edit] Plot


Lan, a student at ACDC high, has already saved the world twice, and, of course, must do so again. This time he has to thwart the evil corporation "World Three" (Known as "WWW") from destroying the internet and generally causing havoc...

From the very beginning of the game, there's a small plot concerning Lan entering a tournament called the N1 with his friends, Yai, Mayl, and Dex. The proctor is a lively man in a cowboy hat who seems innocent, but is actually the operator of a WWW navi, Sandman.

Throughout the game, you meet many interesting people, most of wich want to kill you or your navi, megaman. The first to do so is Flashman and his operator in Lan's school, who not only breaks into the school, but also hypnotizes Lan's friends anad tries to beat him to get a promotion. All in all, Lan's friends are pretty much comic relief throughout the game.

Next is Beastman and his operator at the Zoo, they release all the wild animals and capture Dex's cousin, Chisao via bird. After that is Bubbleman, who has no operator and is out to prove he can still be a vital WWW member without one. So he does the same thing Flashman did and puts Lan's friends in danger. Except this time they're trapped in bubbles from an evil dishwasher. You're forced to chase him throughout the internet to finally beat him and free Lan's friends.

Then finally, the N1 tournament subplot surfaces as the actual tournament starts. You get a look at Chaud's father, and how much of a prick he is. Then you go to (and win) the first round of the tournament, and proceed to the second round on "Hades Ilse", which is a fire-themed island in the middle of nowhere. By the time you're done and get ready for the final match, Desertman and Cowboy Hat decide it's time to do the 'take over the world' gig for WWW. Which Lan thwarts. Again.

Then comes a bout in the Hospital. Yai is hospitalized from a bad fall at Hades Isle, and while there Lan befriends Mamaru, a small child with a bad heart. And of course, WWW attacks the hospital while you're there. And coincidently also while Mamoru is having heart surgery and is in critical condition. Lan wins, day is saved. However, you hear murmors about the "Tetra Codes" from the evil WWW operator. (Her navi is Plantman)

An old rival of Lan's, Mr Match, shows up at Sci-Lab, where Lan's dad works. He is an "ex-WWW" member, but is just blowing steam. 10 minutes farther into the game and he attacks Sci-Lab using Lan. Who is dumb enough to believe he was helping. What Lan ACTUALLY did was set the entire internet on fire. He puts it out and smacks Flamman, Match's (new) navi. That's when you first meet Bass, an all-around evil navi who you find out is working for WWW now. It is also revealed that the attack on the school, zoo, hospital, and Sci-Lab got the leader of the WWW, Wily, the four 'Tetra Codes'. Which he plans to use to awaken the 'legendary' Alpha.

Meanwhile, Lan is becoming famous as an evil person. He's climbing the ranks in the "Undernet" (Think, the back alleyways of a big city, gang territory type area), to meet the highest ranked 'evil' navi, S. Lan's goal: To get the only program that can 'destroy' bass. And S has it.

Along the way of doing this you find out that: Mamaru, Ie: Sickly Child, is the adnimistrator of the Undernet, he runs the servers. Sci-Lab MADE the undernet to contain the blast of energy the program you want would make if it blew up. Lan tries to use it on Bass, but it fails. Bass is too powerful.

Wily, not to sit around when he only needs one more thing to destroy the world, sends out his last navi to capture Alpha's data from Scilab. The navi is drillman, and has no operator. You beat him, but Wily still gets Alpha's data. Which is really just Alpha locked in a can.

Wily immediatly sets everything into motion, hijacking all the tanks in the world, and setting everything into chaos. Lan tracks down his dad and finds out that his grandpa was th one that MADE Alpha to begin with. Long story short: Alpha was an AI that ran the internet until a virus corrupted it and it went nuts. You go to Wily's nont-so-hidden base of operations to stop him. Getting harrased by every boss you've beaten so far along the way. Cossack, who up until now has only appeared in cameo's, tries to stop Bass, who is still working for Wily. It's revealed that Cossack MADE Bass to kick ass, and that's exactly what Bass DOES to Cossack.

Backstory time: Years back, Bass wasn't actually evil, the reason why he's evil is because he was betrayed by humans. So now he has a never-ending hate for them. Lan's grandpa dissapeared at the same time Alpha was imprisoned (since it had gone haywire), he hasn't been seen since. The four "Tetra Codes" Wily acquired unlock Alpha, but only partway. Also, if you didn't already know, megaman is actually Lan's brother Hub. Who died of the heart condition Mamoru has at a VERY young age.

Back to 'now': Lan and Megaman join together to form one being on the internet (looks the same as regular megaman). They arrive to the spot where Alpha is just in enough time to see Wily (who also got himself into the internet) tell Bass to destroy the final barrier protecting Alpha. He does so, and then attacks you. After he loses, he's sucked up by Alpha, which makes Wily laugh, until he's sucked up too.

After you beat Alpha, you try to escape, but megaman doesn't make it. Lan takes it hard and is hardcore depressed until the first day of school when his dad installs a new navi for him while he sleeps. Apparently, megaman was saved, and is back. It never becomes completly clear what saved him, possibly the boss fomr the previous game.

After the game: You meet "S', which is short for Serenade. Serenade was also built by Sci-Lab to make sure nothing went wrong. I find it odd that he never actually helped Lan defeat Wily. Whatever.

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