Mega Man 6

Mega Man 6
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[edit] Game Story

This game started off as a simple peacekeeping mission. Mega Man’s task was to insure nothing went wrong at the 1st annual Robot Tournament. This was a competition to see who had created the strongest robot. The man hosting this had the name Mr. X who was believed to be a billionair.

The contest went smoothly, for the most part. When the final event was under way, we find that the robots competing have been reprogrammed for one purpose: To aid take over the world! We later find that Mr. X was behind this whole mess. It sounds suspicious. Mega Man’s simple peacekeeping mission soon turns into the same pattern as before. He must destroy these 8 malfunctioning robots, and find his way up to the top of Mr. X’s castle. After Mega Man reaches the top, he finds, to no surprise, that Mr. X was a disguised Doc Wily, and he had the whole plot rigged from the beginning. Sure enough, Rock makes him pay, but this time was smart enough to imprison the evil mastermind.

[edit] Robot Masters

DWN. 041 Blizzard Man
DWN. 042 Centaur Man
DWN. 043 Flame Man
DWN. 044 Knight Man
DWN. 045 Plant Man
DWN. 046 Tomahawk Man
DWN. 047 Wind Man
DWN. 048 Yamato Man

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