Mega Man 4

Mega Man 4
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[edit] Game Story

One day, a random scientist named Dr. Cossack messaged Dr. Light and challenged him into a competition to see if Mega Man really was the strongest robot around. Light accepted and Mega Man was up for the challenge, but Cossacks robots eventually start malfunctioning (can't anyone make a decent robot without fault?), and Rock has to stop them and scale Cossack's tower to confront him as well. After Mega Man reaches Cossack, he reveals that his daughter, Kalinka, was kidnapped by Wily and was being forced to act how he did. Proto Man eventually learns of this information, and does what he can by saving Cossack’s daughter while clearing the way for Mega Man to accomplish his task. Rock scales Wily’s castle once more, defeats Wily’s new machine, and saves the world. What a guy!

[edit] Robot Masters

DWN. 025 Bright Man
DWN. 026 Toad Man
DWN. 027 Drill Man
DWN. 028 Pharaoh Man
DWN. 029 Ring Man
DWN. 030 Dust Man
DWN. 031 Dive Man
DWN. 032 Skull Man

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