MegaMan Volnutt

MegaMan Volnutt
Megaman Volnutt.jpgMegaMan Volnutt
NameMegaMan Volnutt
First Appearence:Megaman Legends
Appearences in:Megaman Legends Series and Capcom VS. Street Fighter
Weapon(Standard) Buster Gun, and with variable other weapons

When Megaman was young, he was found and raised by the Caskett family, he was also trained to be a strong digger, he is trained to defeat Reaverbots and find quantum refractors. One time, he and Roll and Professor Barrell Casket (Roll's grandfather) crashed landed on an island called "Cattlelox". During his stay, he encountered a group of Pirates known as "The Bonnes", led by the family with the oldest Teasel being the commander. He battles the Bonnes for what is on Cattlelox, that could lead to the legendary refractor, "The Mother Lode". However, he met with another robot named, Megaman Juno, who is a robot from some other world and knows Megaman Volnutt, but Megaman fights the vicious robot as he intends to destroy Cattlelox. Soon, Megaman, Roll and Barrell Caskett leaves Cattlelox to find other treasures, mainly The Mother Lode.

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