MegaMan Battle Network 2 Walkthrough

The following is an in-progress walkthrough of MegaMan Battle Network 2. This walkthrough will hopefully eventually include Battle Chip Lists as well as a post-game walkthrough and a list of all Requests.

[edit] Differences From Battle Network 1

Battle Network 2 boasts a lot of changes from the original Battle Network game. The biggest of these changes are the following:

  • MegaMan no longer recovers all of his HP after a battle.
  • You can now also escape from a battle by pressing the L button rather than only being able to escape with an Escape chip.
  • The internet areas are much easier to navigate, as different areas now look very different from each other.
  • Blue mystery data now only appears once while green mystery data can regenerate.
  • Star (*) coded chips can be used as wildcards; they can be selected with any other single chip code.

In addition to all of these, Battle Network 2 appears a lot more polished than Battle Network 1. A lot of the mechanics that did not work too well in Battle Network 1 were fixed and made significantly better. This game, however, still includes PowerUps for MegaMan's MegaBuster, which would be removed from every game beyond this and replaced with the Navi Customizer.

[edit] Walkthrough

The game will start out with a very cryptic cutscene of what seems like a subject talking to a higher-up. After this scene is over, there will be another scene of Lan running into his classroom late for school, as usual. It appears to be the last day of school.

[edit] AirMan Arc

[Class 5-A]
First, check out the desk right by Mayl for a PanlGrab P chip. After this, go around and talk to everyone in the room. After you talk to Dex, there will be another cutscene. Ms. Mari will ask about your class' plans for summer vacation, then proceed to hand out report cards, which Lan and Dex don't seem to be too happy about. After the scene, talk to everyone again. After talking to Dex, exit the room and you will find yourself in ACDC Town.

[ACDC Town]
Feel free to explore the town, though there isn't much to do as you are unable to enter any buildings other than ACDC Elementary and Lan's house. Head to Lan's house; it's the white house with blue accents.

[Lan's House]
Talk to your mom when you walk into your house, then head into your room.

[Lan's Room]
Lan's mom calls his name and asks to see his report card. Uh-oh. She, of course, is not happy with Lan's grades, and she forces Lan to do his homework before he is allowed to see his friends. Walk over to the computer and jack in.

[Lan's Homepage]
MegaMan has Lan upload the homework program, which leads into a virus busting tutorial. If you have only played the first game in the series before this one, I recommend paying attention to the tutorial as there are a few new mechanics that have been added. After you complete the tutorial, you will receive and e-mail from Dex telling you to hurry up and get to the square. Step on the warp in front of you into Den Area 1.

[Den Area 1]
Follow the blue path when you exit the warp to a large blue area. Take a right here, as the rest of the paths are dead ends. Walk past the Security Cube and down the dead end path to find a PanlOut1 *. Continue on the path until you come to a sign. Take a left here and step on the warp panel, then talk to the green navi, who just so happens to be a Net Dealer.

Item Price
HP Memory 1000 Zennies
HP Memory 2000 Zennies
Shotgun B 200 Zennies
LilBomb J 500 Zennies
Recov10 * x 3 500 Zennies
Spreader Q 1000 Zennies

If anything, I would recommend picking up the HP Memories and Recov10 *s. As of right now you only have 100 HP, so any items like that will help with your defenses a little bit. I recommend standing around this area and busting viruses for awhile so you can pick up whatever you want, specifically the HP Memories as those are always nice to have.

Head back to where the sign is once you have everything you need. Walk to the right and past the security cube to the next area.

[Den Area 2]
Follow the path in Den Area 2, picking up green mystery data as you go. You will eventually hit a fork in the road. If you go up, there is a blue mystery data containing CrossGun S. Go back to the fork and head the other way.

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