Magma Dragoon

Magma Dragoon
First Appearence:Megaman X4

Japanese Name: Magmard Dragoon

"He betrayed the irregular hunters and hid himself inside a volcano"

Weakness: Double Cyclone
Obtain: Rising Fire/Ryuenjin

Before we begin, this is the same Dragoon you saw at the Sky Lagoon (obviously). Seeing as they are both formally acquainted, the pre-battle talk between Dragoon and X/Zero will be a little different than the other boss battles.

Magma Dragoon can potentially be the easiest boss in the game. Not because his attacks or weak or particularl easy to avoid, but because it's possible to defeat him using a ride armor obtained earlier in his stage. If you can manage to keep the ride armor alive from the point that you get it until the end of the level pits (not entirely difficult), you should be able to find some blocks that can be destroyed by the armor. Blow past the blocks and you will enter the fighting area for Dragoon. As you will probably notice, the battle is much easier with the armor and it's possible to get away without a scratch.
If you can't manage to reach dragoon with the ride armor, it is recommended that you do not choose to fight him until either obtaining Double Cyclone or a few heart tanks (a full energy tank would be even more helpful). In general, he starts with a jump kick, followed by two Hadoukens, and finishes with a Shoryuuken. Of course, this pattern will vary so don't depend on it too much. With Zero, you need to do your best to master hit and run techniques, getting a shot or two in and then running away quickly before he gets a chance to attack you. X is a little simpler, and all you need to do is keep a safe distance and avoid his attacks until he moves closer.
Eventually, Dragoon will jump to the right side of the screen and blast fire into the air. Shortly afterward, meteors will come crashing from the sky in random order, making it damn near impossible to get out without some sort of damage. Fortunately, he should only get one opportunity to pull of this attack because you will finish him off soon afterward. After the battle is ended, Dragoon remains with part of his upper body intact and explains his actions to X/Zero, referring to a "he" appearing and helping him out. For your troubles, X will gain the attack Rising Fire and Zero will learn Ryuenjin.

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