Lurerre the Abysroid

Lurerre the Abysroid
Game: Megaman ZX
AreaArea F
Pseudoroid ofModel L
Reward200EC, Blue Card Key
Special RequirementsNone

Lurerre is the boss of Area F, and the Pseudoroid of Model L. She only appears in Megaman ZX.


[edit] Attacks

[edit] Ice Laser

Lurerre using her Ice Laser

Lurerre goes down to the ground before conjuring an ice rock, and firing it across the stage leaving a streak of brilliant blue light, hurting you if you touch it. This rock can be hit with projectiles, and be pushed back.

[edit] Ice Shard

Lurerre fires Ice shards at various heights across the stage. She fires 8 (Easy Mode) in total, and on Normal Mode fires Twin Spikes (Making 16).

[edit] Snowflake

Lurerre fires an ice ball near the top of the stage, which drops snowflakes that turn into prickles when they hit the ground. These freeze you solid.

[edit] Attachment Attack

Lurerre creates a small whirlpool on her hand, conjuring her giant "main body". This then fires a giant bullet while Lurerre fires Ice Shards. This attachment can be slashed, possibly stopping the bullet coming out.

Lurerre's "main body"

If you impact a critical hit (Or any hit, really) Lurerre will scream, freezing you if you were to close. Then, her giant "attachment" will appear and attempt to gobble you up, inflicting a lot of damage. This usually occurs when you attack Lurerre when she is starting an attack.

[edit] Speech

[edit] Area F Boss Battle

[edit] Boss Entry Speech

Lurerre: Oh my! What's that disk you've got there? Agh! I thought I told you Mavericks to leave anything of importance with me! Hmph! Worthless fool!

Player: I knew it. You're after this disk! Where's the rest of it?

Lurerre: Oh my my... You must be one of those horrid interlopers trying to stop poor Lord Serpent's plan. Well hmph! I'm not telling you anything, so how do you like that!? I am the lovely Pseudoroid Model L, Lurerre. I'm going to tear you apart piece by piece! Prepare for the end, little man!

[edit] Player Beaten Speech

Lurerre: Oh my... It looks like we've come to the end... Your end! Goodbye, little brat!

[edit] Boss Defeated Speech

Lurerre: Oh my, oh my, goodbye cruel world. How could this be! Done in by a creepy little runt!

[edit] Area D (Slither Inc.) Building Rematch

Lurerre is found in the Left Warp in the second rematch room.

[edit] Boss Entry Speech

Lurerre: Unbelievable! You've been bothering poor Lord Serpent this whole time! You little brat! I'm going to grind you up!

[edit] Player Beaten Speech

Lurerre: Oh my! Was that all you had? You little monster, you barely put up a fight!

[edit] Boss Defeated Speech

Lurerre: Oh! Lord Serpent... Take my Spirit... it's yours to have! As for you, I hope you get squished like the bug you are!

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