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Lumine is the main antagonist of Mega Man X8.

[edit] Background

Not much is known about Lumine. He is a New Generation Reploid, and the director of the Jakob Project. He is "kidnapped" by Vile after the introduction stage, but actually went with him to further his own plan. Lumine is deceitful, malicious, and willing to go to any length to meet his own ends, such as manipulating Sigma, and attempting to create the New World. Lumine reveals the truth about the Maverick New Generation Reploids: Because their copy chips were embedded with DNA from hundreds of Old Generation reploids, including Sigma, New Generation reploids have the ability to become Maverick at will, despite supposed immunities. Axl is the only New Generation reploid who has no part of Sigma's DNA, because he is a Prototype.

[edit] Battle

In battle, Lumine in his original form is capable of using the "Last Resort" moves of the eight Mavericks. He floats around the stage and lands to initiate his attacks, sometimes staying in the air for the attack. As his "Stress" move, he uses Avalanche Yeti's snow to make giant snowflakes fall to the ground. His "Last Resort" move is Burn Rooster's fire towers, staying on the sides of the battlefield.

Lumine's second, angelic form, called Lumine: Lucifer form, Lumine 2, or Seraph Lumine, is much more difficult. His attacks include using extending rings with gaps in them to harm the player, using a multitude of lasers which can prove difficult to dodge. He also has smaller lasers that are easier to avoid, and large fence-like beams that require you to slip between, and avoid them. He can also dive towards you as an attack. When his health is near the last few bars, he uses a move called Paradise Lost. This makes the stage darker, and Lumine uses his wings to protect himself. You must break his guard and attack before the darkness envelopes you, otherwise you will die.

[edit] Post battle

Lumine's corpse begins to break, cracks appearing on his body. He mentions "It's too late to stop what's already begun.", and states that Axl doesn't have an understanding of the situation, and he then dies. In the end, Axl walks to his body, but Lumine has one last trick: He sends out vine-like parts that shatters Axl's forehead crystal, and plants something inside of it. Zero and Mega Man X then completely destroy Lumine's body.

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