List of Megaman Star Force 3 Mega Cards


[edit] Overview

The list of mega cards that appear in Mega Man Star Force 3.

[edit] Mega Cards

Note: All of these cards can be obtained through illegal data and the main ones can be obtained through their enemy forms.

Note:Power will be displayed like this: (Power-V1/V2/V3/X). Remember X cards are illegal data.

1-3) SpadeMagnes (60/90/130/170)
SpadeMagnes slices twice. Max 2 hits One causes GravDown and one causes paralysis. Deals Electric damage.

4-6) DiamondIce (40/50/80/100)
Attacks the last three rows in a diagonal shape (missing only two squares) three times. Deals Water damage.

7-9)ClubStrong (20/25/40/50)
Attacks with a tornado hitting 6 times in three random locations, one of which is an opponent.. Becomes stronger on a grass panel. Deals Grass and Wind damage.

10-12)QueenVirgo (60/80/100/120)

13-15)JackCorvus (150/180/300/380)

16-18)DreadJoker (160/190/270/350)

19-21)AcidAce (140/170/220/280)

22-24)TaurusFire (100/150/220/280)

25-27)CygnusWing (130/170/240/300)

28-30)WolfWoods (80/100/140/180)

31-33)DarkPhantom (130/200/300/350)

34-36)Rouge (40/50/70/90)

37-39)MoonDestroyer (100/120/140/180)

40-42)ApolloFlame (170/200/250/330)

43-45)Sirius (120/160/200/250)

[edit] Illegal Cards

These cards can only be obtained through illegal data.

46-49)LibraScales (70/90/120/160)

50-53)QueenOphiuca (140/180/230/300)

54-57)GeminiSpark (70/80/100/150)

58-61)CancerBubble (130/170/220/280)

62-65)CrownThunder (150/200/300/400)

66-69)YetiBlizzard (120/150/200/250)

70-73)PlesioSurf (150/200/250/320)

74-77)TerraCondor (40/60/80/100)

78-81)GeneralAuriga (140/180/220/300)

82-85)RocketLaunch (160/210/270/340)

86-89)IceHammerBash (200/250/300/370)

90-93)StrongSwing (50/60/70/90)
Attacks with his club multiple times on two rows against the nearest enemy. Attacks his column and the columns to his sides. Deals Grass and Break damage.

[edit] Special Card

This card can only be obtained through wifi through the Wii.

AcidIllegal (???)

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