List of Megaman Star Force 3 Galaxy Advance Cards

[edit] Overview

The list of Galaxy that appear in Mega Man Star Force 3

Also known as PAs (Program Advances) in the Battle Network Series, these cards use three cards to create a stronger one. Note: It is possible to make a GA even if one of the cards become greyed out (i.e., they're on the wrong row than the rest. Example: Making Ox Tackle GA requires Fire Upper 1 x2 and Jet Attack 1, if you select both Fire Upper 1's first, it is most likely the Jet Attack 1 will become greyed out unless all three cards were in the same row. If you try to select it, Ox Tackle GA will be formed, ignoring the rules of card selecting.), provided that it's the only one. Standard GAs are obtained through illegal data. All Mega GAs are Gigas instead. For Giga GAs (excluding Black Time Bomb), the power are all in a range. The Power listed below are all maximum power.

[edit] Card Listing

Name: Impact Cannon

Description: Atk knocks 1 enemy back 1 pnl if hits

Attack: 240

Element: Null

Sequence: Cannon, Cannon, Cannon

Name: Big Grenade

Description: Hits a 3x3 area to the nearest enemy on the nearest row. Hits up to 3 times.

Attack: 60

Element: Null

Sequence: Mini Grenade, Mini Grenade, Mini Grenade

Name: Hurricane Dance

Description: Hits by spinning three times, also hitting all adjacent panels.

Attack: 60

Element: Null/Wind

Sequence: Sword, Sword, Jet Attack 1

Name: Spade Magnes GA

Description: Attacks the nearest row with an enemy and attacks twice, one causes gravity and one causes paralysis.

Attack: 220

Element: Elec

Sequence: Flash Strike 1, Flash Strike 2, Flash Strike 3

Name: Diamond Ice GA

Description: Attacks the last three rows in a diagonal attack, missing the northwest corner and the left panel of the third row.

Attack: 130

Element: Aqua

Sequence: Ice Spin 1, Ice Spin 2, Ice Spin 3

Name: Club Strong GA

Description: Summons three tornados, with one on the enemy, that hits 8 times. Gets stronger on grass panels. Removes auras.

Attack: 70

Element: Grass/Wind

Sequence: Pollen Shot 1, Pollen Shot 2, Pollen Shot 3

Name: Queen Virgo GA

Description: Attacks with a water snake. Number of hits equal this: 6-(row number)+(# of Corvus cards in hand/Selection screen). Your row is row 1 and so on.

Attack: 150

Element: Aqua

Sequence: Wide Shot 1, Wide Shot 2, Wide Shot 3

Name: Jack Corvus GA

Description: Attacks the first three rows in front down the columns with fire arms that cause gravity.

Attack: 480

Element: Fire

Sequence: Kilo Bomb 1, Kilo Bomb 2, Kilo Bomb 3

Name: Dread Joker GA

Description: Punches the ground and three buildings fall and slam the ground, with one landing on Megaman's row. The punch is also part of the attack, causing same damage.

Attack: 450

Element: Null/Break

Sequence: Bushido 1, Bushido 2, Bushido 3

Name: Acid Ace GA

Description: Slashes the nearest opponent. If you press A as soon as he slashes, you can activate another slash, that deals another 150 damage.

Attack: 350

Element: Null/Sword/Break

Sequence: Mad Vulcan 1, Mad Vulcan 2, Mad Vulcan 3

Name: Taurus Fire GA

Description: Fires flames that hit the last row, the panel in front of Taurus Fire, and the panel in front of that and panels to that panel's sides.

Attack: 380

Element: Fire

Sequence: Mad Fire 1, Mad Fire 2, Mad Fire 3

Name: Cygnus Wing GA

Description: Cygnus Wing dances around the field, hitting the last two columns and the last row.

Attack: 400

Element: Null/Break

Sequence: Ground Wave 1, Ground Wave 2, Ground Wave 3

Name: Wolf Woods GA

Description: Attacks by going to the nearest enemy's row and attacking with a wide claw and a uppercut.

Attack: 240

Element: Wood/Sword

Sequence: Shuriken 1, Shuriken 2, Shuriken 3

Name: Dark Phantom GA

Description: Shoots a claw down one column, piercing invisible.

Attack: 450

Element: Null

Sequence: Smile Coin 1, Smile Coin 2, Smile Coin 3

Name: Rouge GA

Description: Kicks once down the column, then three more kicks at the nearest enemy, with the last kick having break properties.

Attack: 140

Element: Null/Break

Sequence: Mu Technology 1, Mu Technology 2, Mu Technology 3

Name: Moon Destroyer GA


Attack: 250

Element: Null

Sequence: Buzz Saw 1, Buzz Saw 2, Buzz Saw 3

Name: Apollo Flame GA


Attack: 360

Element: Null

Sequence: Mech Flame 1, Mech Flame 2, Mech Flame 3

Name: Gemini Spark GA


Attack: 170

Element: Stun

Sequence: Double Stone, Stun Knuckle, Electric Slash

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