List of Challenges in Mega Man 9

[edit] Wii Challenges

Number Name Requirement
01 Waltz Beat the game in 120 minutes or less.
02 Tango Beat the game in 90 minutes or less.
03 Bust a Move Beat the game without missing the Mega Buster.
04 Headbanging Beat all 8 Bosses with only your Mega Buster
05 Bunny Hop Beat any stage jumping 50 times.
06 Mr. Trigger Happy Beat the game using more than 500 Mega Buster shots.
07 Double Trouble Beat the game while beating all stages twice.
08 Mr. Perfect Beat the game without getting hit.
09 Air Shoes Beat the game without falling in any holes.
10 Mega Diet Beat the game without picking up more than 8 energy pellets.
11 Encore Beat 4 stages using the same special weapon.
12 Farewell to Arms Beat 4 stages without using any special weapons.
13 Daily Dose Beat the game once a day for 3 days.
14 Truly Addicted Beat the game 10 times.
15 Truly Hardcore Beat the game 30 times.
16 Conqueror Eliminate 100 Enemies.
17 Vanquished Eliminate 500 Enemies.
18 Pack Rat Collect 999 Screws.
19 Valued Customer Buy all the items in Roll's Shop.
20 Shop a Holic Buy 30 items in Roll's Shop.
21 Last Man Standing Beat all the bosses with 1 health bar left.
22 Survivor Beat one boss with 1 health bar left.
23 Hard Rock Reach a boss' room without getting hit.
24 Heavy Metal Reach a boss' room without shooting.
25 Speed Metal Reach a boss' room without stopping.
26 Fantastic 9 Collect 9 Lives.
27 Fully Unloaded Hit a boss with every type of weapon and defeat him/her.
28 Eco Fighter Defeat a boss with only the Mega Buster.
29 Marathon Fight Fight a boss for 10 minutes straight.
30 Quick Draw G Beat Galaxy Man in 10 seconds.
31 Quick Draw C Beat Concrete Man in 10 seconds.
32 Quick Draw S Beat Splash Woman in 10 seconds.
33 Quick Draw H Beat Hornet Man in 10 seconds.
34 Quick Draw J Beat Jewel Man in 10 seconds.
35 Quick Draw P Beat Plug Man in 10 seconds.
36 Quick Draw T Beat Tornado Man in 10 seconds.
37 Quick Draw M Beat Magma Man in 10 seconds.
38 Quick Draw X Beat Dr. Wiley in 180 seconds.

[edit] Xbox 360 Achievements

Name Requirement Gamer Points
Whomp Wily Beat the game once. 5
Destroyer Defeat your 1000th Enemy. 20
Jitterbug Beat the game in 60 minutes or less. 20
Invincible Beat the game without dying. 20
Almost Invincible Beat the game without continuing. 20
No Coffee Break Beat the game without using any Energy Tanks or Mystery Tanks. 10
Peacekeeper Beat the game by defeating the fewest number of enemies possible. 20
Conservationist Beat the game by using the least amount of weapon energy possible. 20
Gamer's Day Beat the game 5 times in 1 day. 20
World Warrior Beat every type of enemy. 5
Trusty Sidearm Beat the 8 bosses with just the Mega Buster 20
Blue Bomber Beat a boss without taking damage. 10
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