Liberation Missions

In a Liberation Mission (featured only in Battle Network 5), you have to free an area taken over by Nebula. You have to liberate Dark Panels, defeat Mini-Bosses, and unlock Barrier Panels. You can recruit people to your team, which will happen in the game. Your goal is to defeat the main boss in the mission and free the area.

Each navi has their own unique ability or abilities that are used to help the liberation of an area. Such as ProtoMan's WideSword, Colonel's ScrenDiv and Magnetman's MagBarrier. Some assist with liberating panels, while others protect from damage or increase the liberation range of another navi.

The battle system is different than usual when liberating a panel. You get three turns to win the battle. If you fail, the panel remains. If you liberate a panel successfully in one turn, all panels surrounding you will be liberated unless using NapalmMan's Napalm or TomahawkMan's T-Swing.

In Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team DS, they added two extra features to Liberation missions. Transport Chips (TP Chips) that allow you to change a navi on your team for it's equivalent in the alternate game, such as ShadowMan for GyroMan.

The other was the ability to have another navi on the same panel as you are assist in the liberation of a panel. The Navi could assist with a signature ability, such as healing or attacking randomly during the battle. If you were in Full Synchro and changed Navis, certain pairs of navis would utilize a combo attack, such as ProtoMan to MegaMan or vice versa using D-Hero.

[edit] Liberation Mission 1

Liberation Mission #1 Takes place in ACDC Area 3. It's just MegaMan and the Leader. You learn the basics while liberating your way to the first boss, BlizzardMan.

This Liberation Mission is really just an introduction to the system. It only features merely two kinds of Bosses, BigBrutes and TinHawks, and only a couple DarkHoles.

[edit] Liberation Mission 2

Liberation Mission #2 takes place in Oran Area 3. The members that participate are Megaman, the leader (Colonel or ProtoMan), and the new recruit (KnightMan or MagnetMan).

The area is rather large, and consists of many Bigbrutes, Tinhawks, and plenty of Darkholes. The enemy leader is ShadeMan, who is capable of warping in front of the character closest to him and attacking.

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