Launch Octopus

Launch Octopus
Launch octopus.jpg
First Appearance:Megaman X
Weapons:Homing Torpedo
Weakness:Rolling Shield

Launch Octopus is a maverick that first appeared in Megaman X.

[edit] Strategy

Launch Octopus might look menacing but he actually isn't that bad. Taking him down with the X Buster is feasible if you've either expanded your health to a good degree or are carrying a sub-tank or two. For starters, Launch will launch barrages of torpedoes in groups of three. If you stay on the ground and fire straight ahead with normal shots you should protect yourself from any damage. Though you can, do not cling to the wall as you'll set your self up to get hit with his E. Drain attack. He can also jump and fire a second barrage of torpedoes but that isn't of great importance as you'll probably spend most of the fight on the ground. Occasionally he'll launch four homing torpedoes which can be evaded by moving around at such a high speed that the torpedoes can't turn fast enough to hit you. They can turn rapidly so using the wall to kick off of is a good idea though he'll usually launch this when he's jumping over you leaving a dash all that's needed to evade. If you use Boomerang Cutter on him, he loses his tentacles, and then he cannot use his Homing Torpedoes. His final move he abuses a lot (unsuccessfully). He'll jump high up and form a current around himself that extends above and below. This draws X to in but can be dodge by dashing. If he does catch you in this, he'll latch onto X and drain energy. This damages X and heals him. However, since the move is easy to dodge, all you need to do is charge up and wait for him to land to send a blast home.

Rolling Shield is more effective and the strategy works in the same manner.

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