Lan Hikari

Lan Hikari
Lan Hikari, Megaman EXE's operator
Appearences in:Mega Man Battle Network Series
First Appearence:Mega Man Battle Network
Netnavi:Megaman EXE

Lan Hikari is a mild mannered school boy, and somewhat of a klutz, as he is almost always late for school because he does not wake up on time. However, he has one thing that most other people do not,have an uncanny knack for virus busting, as his father Dr. Hikari created his NetNavi, MegaMan EXE Lan has a brother-to-brother relationship to Megaman as they have their fair share of fights, but their bond is strong with virus busting. Lan and Megaman have seen almost every big virus and net crisis there is. Because his navi is a special type, Lan usually gets involved in the most dangerous adventures, taking down all harsh enemy. He is caring, especially with his navi who has a certain secret.

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