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Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon

JunkMan.EXE is a solo NetNavi from Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon. He takes part in the Blue Moon Tournament as a representative from YumLand.


[edit] In The Games

[edit] MegaMan Battle Network 4

JunkMan first appears as Lan and MegaMan's opponent in the Blue Moon Tournament. After discovering they will be fighting him, a tournament official comes in and says there is a lot of trash data on the net in the YumLand Area. Lan and MegaMan go to check it out and while there, trash starts raining down on MegaMan. He avoids most of it but right when he goes to jack out he gets trapped under a large pile.

Lan discovers MegaMan is okay, but he now wants to forfeit the fight. Lan asks him a bunch of questions before discovering that it is actually JunkMan in his PET, not MegaMan. Lan jacks him back in and they go retrieve MegaMan. JunkMan then says thay he despises MegaMan for how easy of a life he has, and he disappears.

Lan and MegaMan then go to YumLand and get the KindData for JunkMan. When they return to Netopia and go to the Colosseum, they discover that JunkMan has no operator. He claims he does not need an operator and that he will destroy MegaMan. He then destroys the KindData and fights MegaMan. After he loses, he tells MegaMan to delete him because he is junk data and he would rather be deleted than fade away. He explains that he was born out of junk data and never had an operator. He also says that his data is slowly deteriorating and he doesn't have much longer. He then tells Lan and MegaMan that he is grateful for being able to be in their PET and for the kindness that they showed him. Soon after, JunkMan fades away and MegaMan receives is Double Soul.

[edit] Junk Soul

Junk Soul
  • Enemies become confused when MegaMan activates Double Soul.
  • Two random used chips are recycled in the custom window each turn.
  • Charge shot: Poltergeist (100 damage) - Objects are thrown from MegaMan's side of the field, causing 100 damage each.

[edit] Battle Chips

Battle Chip
28 (Mega) BN4BMMegaChip28.png JunkMan Throw any objects on field 100 Obstacle.png J 80 MB ***
29 (Mega) BN4BMMegaChip29.png JunkMnSP Throw any objects on field  ??? Obstacle.png J 80 MB ****
30 (Mega) BN4BMMegaChip30.png JunkMnDS Throw any objects on field  ??? Obstacle.png J 80 MB *****
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