Jet Stingray

Jet Stingray
First Appearence:Megaman X4
Weapons:Ground Hunter

Japanese Name: Jet Stingren

"He destroyed the city and escaped to the sea"

Weakness: Frost Tower/Hyouretsuzan
Obtain: Ground Hunter/Hienkyaku

Jet Stingray is one of the more difficult bosses in the game as Zero. Unlike X, Zero's Hyouretsuzan does not protect his body, nor does it remain in place for a set amount of time, leaving Zero much more vulnerable to attacks. The battle is relatively easy in the beginning; just avoid the mini stingrays and use your ice attack when he dashes down through the screen. Once his energy is depleted to near yellow, he will start releasing red stingrays that drop right over your head and will also spend more time dashing vertically through the screen very quickly. During this time be sure to do your best to evade his attacks and play defensively until he drops to ground level and attempts to use his vacuum attack. Attack him during his periods of vulnerability and claim your weapon as a prize. You obtain Ground Hunter for X and Hienkyaku for Zero.

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