First AppearenceMegaman X4

Iris was one of the first creations of the army created by Dr. Cain. As one of the first female-based reploids working for a reploid army, she was at the top of her class. She is also programmed to be related to the army's best soldier, Colonel, as his sister. When Repliforce and Maverick Hunter formed an alliance, she saw some of Maverick Hunter's finest hunters, MegaMan X and Zero. Because of Zero's great beam saber abilities, which can evenly match the ability of her brother, she formed a romantic relationship with the hunter. Then the Sky Lagoon was attacked, in which Iris was aboard the Lagoon at the time. When it fell to the ground, she was buried under rubble; fortunately, Zero rescued her and brought her back to Maverick Hunter for repairs. As Repliforce declared their independence from humans, Maverick Hunter ordered to stop Repliforce. Iris became the officer for Zero. Iris was very concerned for not only Zero's safety, but the possibility that Zero and Colonel will fight each other. When Zero received Colonel's message to come to Memorial Hall, Zero accepted. But before Zero and Colonel engaged in a battle, Iris came and stopped them. She told Zero to not fight with Colonel, but Zero tells her that her brother needed to be stopped. When Repliforce was taking off for space, Zero went after them and fought Colonel. Zero won the battle. Upset, Iris follows the Repliforce to space and to their "Final Weapon". When Zero caught up to Iris, she was angry not at Zero, but at her failure to keep both Zero and Colonel from fighting each other. Zero defeats Iris, and she dies in his arms soon thereafter. Iris is still in Zero's mind, as seen in the ending of Megaman X5, and his memories of her helped him find out who created him in Megaman X5.

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