Infinity Mijinion

Infinity Mijinion
Infinity Mijinion.jpg
First Appearence:Megaman X6
Weakness:Guard Shell

Japanese Name: Infinity Mijinion (same)

Infinity Mijinion was an ex-test pilot for large weapons. His body functions like a computer and can analyze data at high speeds. He can collect data on various weapons instantly.

Weakness: Guard Shell
Obtain: Ray Arrow/Rekkoha


  • Ray Arrow - fires a small purple beam. It turns 90 degrees to track down and hit you.
  • Sun Ball - shoots orange laser balls in 8 directions.
  • Ray Arrow #2 - stomps on the ground and releases two laser balls in two directions. This is followed by raining laser arrows.
  • Multiply - creates multiple clones when damage is taken.
  • Bubbles - fires numerous bubbles which float and inflict damage.

    Strategy: Difficulty: 9.5/10
    Infinity Mijinion is the most difficult boss in Mega Man X6 and one of the hardest bosses to ever be in a Mega Man X game. Technically, Infinity Mijinion is weak against the Guard Shell, but it's quite useless in this battle.
    The Guard Shell will only reflect his orange balls, an attack he rarely uses. Still, it wouldn't hurt to keep the Guard Shell in front of you because it acts as a permanent shield. Infinity Mijinion will start off by firing purple beams. These move at a relatively slow rate and can be avoided by dashing. Any time you get the chance, try to damage Mijinion. However, Mijinion will usually create clones if damaged. In order to kill him, you must damage him, and thus, the synthesis of the clones will be inevitable. Once the clones are out, they'll attack with numerous green bubbles, which are extremely difficult to dodge. In addition, the clones (and their bubbles) will take up the whole screen, making it difficult to hit the real Mijinion.
    Once the clones are created, focus on the real Mijinion. The clones are everywhere, and things can get confusing. To add to the stress, hitting the clones will also create more clones. More clones means more bubble attacks. Using Zero's Ensuizan is the quickest way to destroy the bubbles and clones. Lastly, Mijinion has a very strong and high defense. The Guard Shell will be useless in this battle. Don't rely on it to save you. It won't. Instead, use the Meteor Rain (Rainy Turtloid), as it seems to be most effective against Mijinion. Don't be hesitant to use an energy tank. This is a ridiculously hard battle, and you may find yourself trying countless times just to win.
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