Mr. Higsby
Mr Higsby.jpgMr. Higsby
First Appearence:Megaman Battle Network

Higsby is a recurring character in the MegaMan Battle Network series. He has appeared in every MegaMan Battle Network game except for MegaMan Battle Network 6, when his role as the primary Battle Chip Vendor was replaced with Tab. His NetNavi is NumberMan.EXE.

One of Higsby's notable traits is his habit of ending the majority of his sentences with the exclamation "huh!".

[edit] Personality

Hisgby is an obsessed Battle Chip collector and would do anything to get his hands on rare chips. He even goes as far as to join WWW in order to get them. However, after he was defeated by Lan Hikari in MegaMan Battle Network, he decides to leave WWW and start anew selling chips for a living. In Battle Network 2, he is seen in Netopia where he tells Lan that he is traveling the world in search of chips. Throughout the game and anime series, Higsby has an obvious crush on Ms. Mari.

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