Ground Scaravich

Japanese Name: Ground Scaravich (same)

Ground Scaravich can be considered Gate's own historian. His job was to collect data from ancient ruins. His ability as a treasure hunter was far superior to anyone else.

Weakness: Yammar Option
Obtain: Ground Dash/Sentsuizan


  • Ground Dash - creates a ball made of rock and rolls it towards you.
  • Purple Light - fires a small, round, purple, energy ball from his mouth.

    Strategy: Difficulty: 4/10
    Ground Scaravich moves at a stagnant pace, but he can prove to be challenging. Scaravich is weak against the Yammar Option.
    Scaravich will always have his back facing you. Thus, his rock ball will prevent your attacks from hitting him. When he moves towards you, use the ziplines above to jump over the ball. This leaves him vulnerable as you are now in front of him. Take this time to use the Yammar Option and give him a nice "shock." Alternatively, you can break his rock ball after repeated attacks. However, it is much quicker to use the ziplines to jump over the rock ball.
    If he is allowed to move off the screen, he'll come back with a larger rock ball. Each time he does this, the rock ball will continue to grow. Eventually, it'll turn purple, immune to attacks. Therefore, it's best to destroy this Maverick quickly. Continue to use the ziplines to jump over the rock ball. After that, blast him with the Yammar Option. Wash, rinse, and repeat.
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