Government Complex


The Government Complex is a large government-run facility in Den City that appears in Mega Man Battle Network. This complex is home to the Waterworks and SciLab. Sal and Masa can be NetBattled outside of the building at their respective food stands.


[edit] Waterworks

Waterworks is responsible for purifying and distributing water to all of Den City. WWW takes control of Waterworks in Battle Network 1, shutting down Den City's water supply and causing everyone to lose access to water. They kidnap the son of Dr. Froid, a lead Waterworks scientist, and force him to shut down the system. Lan and MegaMan then jack into the Waterworks network after normal operating hours and MegaMan seemingly is able to get the network working again.

The two head to ACDC where they find that the school fountain has water, only now the water is dirty and unhealthy to consume (as evidenced by a man that walks by the player and tries to drink it). The two then go back to the Waterworks network and find the second pump with IceMan guarding it. MegaMan and IceMan fight, with MegaMan coming out victorious. He then fixes the water purifier, returning Den City's water supply back to normal.

[edit] SciLab

SciLab is a world-famous lab that is responsible for the creation of the NetNavi and the PET. It is where Lan's Father works and is visited a number of times by the player throughout the game.


[edit] Restaurant

The Restaurant in the Government Complex is located 30 floors underground and is underwater. In Battle Network 1, this restaurant hosts an event and all of the SciLab works and their families are invited, including Lan and his mom. The restaurant has a number of PETs made from plastic bottles on display, one of which the player can jack into. While the dinner event is happening, Yuichiro has to leave to take care of some work. However, right after this happens, Count Zap appears as a guest speaker and shuts off all of the power in the building, leaving the elevators unusable and the oxygen available in the restaurant running out. Lan and MegaMan then leave the room and take the dust chute in the hallways down to the Power Plant.

[edit] Power Plant

The Power Plant supplies power for the Government Complex as well as the rest of Den City. Lan and MegaMan make it down to the Power Plant after taking the dust chute down from the Restaurant. After talking to a scientist and finding the door to the generator locked, the player makes it into the control room where he is successfully able to jack into the Power Plant's computer. He navigates his way through the computer to find ElecMan controlling the power. MegaMan tries to fight him, but soon finds out that it will be impossible for him to win since ElecMan and using the power from the generators to heal himself every time he is hit.

At this moment, Lan is able to get into the generator room and notices that the power in the room is on. He turns off the power all the way, allowing MegaMan to fight ElecMan normally. As soon as MegaMan deletes ElecMan, ProtoMan jacks in and Chaud tells Lan that he was going to use ElecMan's data to track the WWW base. Frustrated, he tells Lan that he got in the way again and he now is going to delete MegaMan. MegaMan fights ProtoMan and wins.

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