Gospel is a criminal organization that only exists throughout the events of Mega Man Battle Network 2. Gospel goes by the name Grave in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime and manga.

[edit] In The Games

Gospel only appears in Mega Man Battle Network 2. It is led by a young boy names Sean Obihiro, (known as Shun in Japan and in Battle Network 3). His life growing up was horrible. His parents died in a plane crash as a result of net-terrorism, and he was forced to live with his next-closest relatives who treated him very poorly. People continued to ostracize him as he grew up, which helped build an intense anger and resentment toward the rest of society. He grew to a point where he refused to believe in the idea of friendship and could not trust anyone.

At this point, Sean created an internet persona and began to talk to people and make friends online. This resulted in him building Gospel, the NetMafia criminal organization, so he could finally get his revenge on the world. Some of the plans he executed were the destruction of YumLand's and the deletion of YumLand's king navi, the attempted destruction of Electopia's Mother Computer, the attempted detonation of Okuden Valley's dam, and the trapping and attempted murder of the world's top NetBattlers at the Netopia Castle. This all culminates with Sean's attempt to re-create Bass through Bug Fusion, though it fails and the servers in the Gospel hideout overload, resulting in the Gospel Multibug Organism being created. After the Multibug organism is defeated, Sean opens up to Lan about his past, then briefly contemplates suicide as he is now powerless and he believes the world truly is out to get him. Lan, however, vows to become his friend after he atones for his crimes.

In Battle Network 3, Sean admits that he was not entirely acting on his own accord and that he was instead being manipulated and brainwashed by Dr. Wily.

Gospel's hideout is located in a large building in Kotobuki. It is engulfed in massive amounts of radiation, resulting in very unsafe conditions for any normal human who is not wearing protective gear.

[edit] Members

  • Sean Obihiro - The 10-year-old boy who is the creator and leader of Gospel.
  • Arashi Kazefuki - AirMan.EXE's operator. He disguised himself as a mechanic and hacked into Yai's ventilation system, causing it to release unsafe gas so he could hold Yai hostage. In the anime, he is the owner of a company that was outdone by AyanoTech and he wants to get revenge.
  • Speedy Dave - QuickMan's operator. He is a park ranger that is angry at people for destroying the environment, so he attempts to detonate the dam at Okuden Valley and leave all of Den City underwater.
  • CutMan.EXE - A solo NetNavi that works under ShadowMan. His job as the Vice Commander of the YumLand Occupation Force was to clean up all survivors following ShadowMan's attack on YumLand. In the anime, CutMan's five younger brothers go to get revenge on MegaMan after he deletes their brother.
  • Dark Miyabi - ShadowMan's operator. He is an assassin that was hired to work for Gospel. He and ShadowMan delete the king of YumLand and attempt to attack Electopia's Mother Computer.
  • Princess Pride - KnightMan's operator. She is the princess of Creamland and she works for Gospel in the hopes that they would not try to destroy and occupy Creamland like they were with the rest of the countries. She goes to the Official NetBattler meeting at the Netopia castle and she traps and tries to take out all of the officials using the dangerous traps in the basement below the castle.
  • Gauss Magnus - MagnetMan's operator and the CEO of Gauss Inc. He was angry because growing up he came from a poor family, but his brother Count Zap was taken in by another rich family. He attempted to crash the plane Lan and MegaMan were taking from Netopia to Electopia.
  • FreezeMan.EXE - A solo NetNavi. He locks up all of the environmental control systems around the world, resulting in numerous natural disasters. He also freezes over the Net.

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