Geo Stelar

Geo Stelar
Geo Stelar.jpg
NameGeo Stelar
Story CharacterMain, Protagonist
First Appeared InMegaman Starforce 1
Appears InMegaman Starforce 1-3, Megaman Crossover
WizardOmega-Xis (Mega)
EM Wave ChangeMegaman

[edit] Summary

Geo Stelar is the main character in the Megaman Starforce series. His dad went to space to form a brotherband with planet FM, but he never came back because of some unknown event. That's why Geo doesn't want any friends, as if he became attached to them, he would have to feel the pain again if they left or were gone. His life completely changed when he met Omega-Xis. He is interested in Space and wants to become an astronaut just like his dad. He lives with his mom, until his dad came back after the noise wave struggles. At first, he didn't go to school for a while after hearing his dad was gone in space, but started to get his perks up as he met Omega and his other friends. He gained the courage to go save them and the power to defeat his enemies. First it was with the power of the satellites, then the power of the tribes, then noise. All of which no other person has obtained before, except for noise which Acid Ace, Dread Joker, and Rouge (ZZ form) had gained.

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