Galaxy Man

Galaxy Man
NameGalaxy Man
Appears InMega Man 9
WeaponBlack Hole Bomb

Galaxy Man is one of eight robot masters featured in Mega Man 9.

[edit] Summary

Galaxy Man's stage has a "space" theme, and most enemies in the level all follow that theme including UFO robots and one-eyed cyclops, flubber things. His level also includes teleportation devices that are aligned with each other, and will shoot Mega Man out of one that is paired with the one he entered. Galaxy Man's level is typically done first in a playthrough because he is assumed to be the easiest challenge.

[edit] Strategy

Galaxy Man has two different attacks. The first is a projectile that is the weapon you will obtain from him at the end called the Black Hole Bomb. The attack sucks all gravity towards the hole including Mega Man while Galaxy Man stands under it so Mega Man will take damage. It can easily be avoided if you run in the other direction. His second is a simple rush towards Mega Man. It can be avoided by jumping over him or running under him. Galaxy Man makes for a simple fight if your shots are placed carefully, and you can be patient.

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