FlashMan.EXE as he appears in Mega Man Battle Network 3
OperatorRei Saiko
HP300, 500(SP), 700(EX)
AttacksNeon Light, Flash Light, Spark Arm
Game AppearancesMegaman Battle Network 3
Other AppearancesMegaman NT Warrior

FlashMan.EXE is a WWW NetNavi that is operated by Rei Saiko. In Mega Man Battle Network 3, FlashMan stole a Tetra Code for Alpha from Lan's school. FlashMan hypnotizes everybody in the school with Hypno Flash and Lan manages to stop him by using an umbrella to deflect the rays. Once MegaMan.EXE defeats him, FlashMan self destructs and leaves lasting effects on MegaMan, which is, in the later points of the game, MegaMan cannot jack out normally, and must go back to the warp point from which he jacked in.

[edit] Abilities

  • Neon Light - FlashMan conjures a ball of electricity that moves across the field, randomly moving as it travels towards MegaMan. It cannot travel across holes.
  • Flash Light - FlashMan conjures two light bulbs on the player's field. After some time passes, the bulbs will flash and then vanish, causing paralysis if MegaMan was near them. However if MegaMan has a Barrier or Aura active before this goes off, this won't have any effect.
  • Spark Arm - FlashMan will move to the front of his area and hit three panels across and two panels forward. Think of it as a combination of a Widesword and a Longsword.

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