Flame Hyenard

Flame Hyenard
Flame Guy.jpg
Flame Hyenard
Game AppearancesMega Man X7
Copy AbilitiesCircle Blaze (Mega Man X and Axl)
Bakuenjin (Zero)
Double Bullets (Axl)
StageLava Factory
WeaknessesSplash Laser

Flame Hyenard (フレイム・ハイエナード, Flame Hyenard) is a hyena-type Maverick from Mega Man X7.

[edit] Attacks

  • Backup - creates two clones.
  • Tri-formation - runs in a circle (along with his clones), trapping you inside.
  • Circle Blaze - throws fire at you.
  • Triple-tackle - swiftly tackles you (with help from clones).
  • Homing Missile - the horse fires homing missiles from its body.
  • Raining Missile - the horse fires missiles upward. The missiles rain down, creating a huge explosion.

    [edit] Strategy

    This is quite possibly the most annoying boss fight in the game, although it can be easy given the right strategy, and a bit of luck.

    At the start of the fight, Hyenard uses Backup, and the two clones jump off the horse, while it shoots Homing Missiles at you. Whether you're playing as Mega Man X or Axl, dash towards where the horse is headed, and try to dodge all the attacks you can. When you get close to it's forelegs, you will notice you can aim your shots at the leg. Do so, and when it freezes, climb up it's leg to find the real Hyenard leading the Horse. When you get to the area around it's neck, Hyenard will turn around and shoot Circle Blazes at you. Dodge them, and use his weakness, Splash Laser. It would not be wise to use Suiretsusen, considering that Hyenard attacks many times, as well as the Raining Missiles coming your way. When you see the missiles are coming down, run to either of the shoulders, and circle back, crossing the horse's back, and soon end up on the other shoulder. If you go in the middle, there is a chance that Hyenard will use Tri-Formation, a dangerous move. Rinse and repeat, and, with a bit of luck, you may find that you have defeated Flame Hyenard with no damage. It is recommended to use both X and Axl for this fight, but if you haven't unlocked X yet, there really is no choice.

    [edit] Personality

    Flame Hyenard displays little personality, along with most other bosses. He is constantly in pain, and tends to shout when talking, his voice raspy. He states that he believes the X/Zero/Axl is the cause of his pain, and seeks to tear them apart. Flame Hyenard has become extremely notable for his constant, unrelenting shouts of "Burn to the ground!" and "Burn!" during the fight with him.

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