First Appearance:Megaman
Affiliation:Robot Master
Weapons:Thunder Beam
WeaknessRolling Cutter

Elecman appears as a Robot Master in the first Megaman title. Although he appears as a boss Elecman was originally created by Dr. Light as an industrial robot to monitor electrical power plants. After Dr. Wily betrayed Dr. Light he reprogrammed Elecman to destroy Megaman. Elecman is the strongest Robot Master in all of the Classic Megaman titles, being capable of destroying Megaman in three hits of the Thunder Beam. Elecman's weakness is Cutman's weapon, the Rolling Cutter.

Elecman is able to absorb and store an incredible amount of voltage making him ideal for the job of monitoring power plants. The stored electricity can also be released in the form of the Thunder Beam. Elecman is programmed to be responsible with keen judgment and reflexes which make him a natural leader. He is generally considered Dr. Light's greatest creation before Megaman.

Elecman appears in the following games:

Elecman also appears several times in the Ruby-Spears cartoon show and Hitsoshi Ariga's Rockman Megamix.

[edit] Megaman and Bass Data CD


A robot originally created to control the power voltage in an electric power plant.

"Feel the power of my Thunder Beam!"

Good point: Responsibility

Bad point: Twisted

Like: Guitar

Dislike: Rubber products

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