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Mega Man Battle Network 3

DrillMan.EXE is a solo NetNavi that makes his appearance in Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue and Mega Man Battle Network 3: White. It generally uses Drill Drive in battle, which is difficult to dodge, let alone attack, also attacking from below Mega Man at times.

[edit] In The Games

[edit] Mega Man Battle Network 3

DrillMan works for the criminal syndicate WWW. He is entrusted with the four TetraCodes by Dr. Wily and he uses them to access and steal Alpha from SciLab 1, taking advantage of SciLab's weakened defenses after Mr. Match's attack. He escapes to Undernet 5, where MegaMan eventually finds him. He claims he will get revenge on MegaMan for his cousin BubbleMan's deletion, but he ends up getting deleted as well. Bass then appears and takes Alpha.

DrillMan is seen once again when Lan goes to Castle Wily. He is shown to be in control of one of the robots defending the hideout, and MegaMan jacks in and manages to take him out once again. After he is defeated in battle, DrillMan attempts to destroy the robot and injure Lan and MegaMan, but ProtoMan shows up and deletes him before he is able to.

[edit] Strategy

Many conventional strategies won't work against Drill Man, although Break Attacks will break through his drill and damaging him. The Slasher battlechip is a must-have here, as Drill Man's attacks cause him to constantly enter Mega Man's side of the battlefield.

The only way to really "combo" Drill Man is to use a Flash Man chip to stop him cold, then attacking with whatever you've got while he's stunned.

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