Drillman EXE

First Appearence:Mega Man Battle Network 3
AttacksTriple Hole, Drill Drive, Panel Crusher
WeaknessNone, Break Attacks work well

Drillman.EXE is a Solo NetNavi that makes its appearance in Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue and Mega Man Battle Network 3: White. It generally uses Drill Drive in battle, which is difficult to dodge, let alone attack, also attacking from below Mega Man at times!

[edit] Strategy

Many conventional strategies won't work against Drill Man, although Break Attacks will break through his drill and damaging him. The Slasher battlechip is a must-have here, as Drill Man's attacks cause him to constantly enter Mega Man's side of the battlefield.

The only way to really "combo" Drill Man is to use a Flash Man chip to stop him cold, then attacking with whatever you've got while he's stunned.

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