Dread Joker

Dread Joker
Appearences in:Megaman Starforce Series
First AppearenceMegaMan Starforce 3


[edit] Summary

Dread Joker, the finalized form of Joker, is a minion of King's and destroyed Ace with his explosive abilities. His R form and Acid Ace's R form then team up against Megaman in the post-story in the Black Hole Server. Hid most feared attack is the missiles, as that is the hardest attack to dodge even though they can be easily slowed down with a fast buster of a speed of 4 or 5. There seems to be no significant differences in appearance between the R version and the regular version other than power.

[edit] Boss Data

[edit] SF3

[edit] Health

Version 1: 1600HP

Version 2: 2000HP

Version 3: 2300HP

Version R: 2800HP

Version RR: 4000HP

[edit] Locations

Version 1:

Fought during the storyline.

Version 2:

Found at a dead-end in the Crimson Factory Wave Road right before going into the King's "throne" room.

Version 3:

Found randomly in Noise Wave 4 and Crimson Factory wave road by a WARNING encounter.

Version R:

Fought during the post-storyline. Then you can fight him again in Black Hole Server 1.

Version RR:

Play 20 Wifi battles without leaving the Wifi screen. Then choose any for search, and Joker/Ace could be your next opponent.

[edit] Attacks

  • Building Punch: 60/100/150/200/300 Damage

Joker slams the ground, causing three towers to come onto the field, one of which will be on the spot you were on. Causes break damage. Punch also is included in the attack.

  • Joker Arm Swing: 50/70/100/150/200 Damage

Joker comes to the front two rows and swings them with his giant arm/leg thing. Hits twice and inflicts panic.

  • Million Kick: 15/20/35/40/45 Damage

Joker charges then moves to attack Megaman with 24 or so kicks.

  • Destroyer Missile: 10/10/10/10/10 Damage

Joker sends out breakable rockets down the columns at quick speed. Doesn't cause flinching. Even if you move, the other rockets that he lunched after you move will go down your new column. Amount of missiles and speed depends on version (Higher the version, the faster and the more rockets there will be.)

  • Break Time Bomb: 100/200/300/400/500 Damage

Just like the actual card, the bomb counts down then explodes dealing fire and break damage.

  • Dread Laser: --/10/30/50/70 Damage

Just like the actual card, Joker sends a blast down the entire field (the column in front of him and his sides) cracking panels and piercing invisible. This attack causes HP bug however. Version 1 doesn't use this attack.

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