Dark Mantis

Japanese Name: Darkneid Kamakeel

Dark Mantis attacks his prey in the dark. His ability to see in complete darkness makes him a scary and formidable foe. Not surprisingly then, he was sent to protect the underground army logistics base.

Weakness: Shining Ray/Tenshouha/Ray Gun
Obtain: Shadow Runner/Rasetsusen/Black Arrow


  • Shadow Runner - fires a dark boomerang that homes onto you. (Normal)
  • Leech - grabs onto you and bites. Restores some of his health. (Normal)
  • Black Arrow - throws six arrows in the air. The Black Arrows come down for an attack. (Normal)
  • Hyper Jump - jumps from one wall to the other, lands, and throws Black Arrows. (Crazy)
  • Rasetsusen - jumps into the air and slashes with a huge scythe. (Hyper)
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