Cyber Peacock

Cyber Peacock
First Appearence:Megaman X4
WeaknessesSoul Body / Ryuenjin

Japanese Name: Cyber Kujacker

"He lives in cyberspace and wants to destroy the network system"

Weakness: Soul Body, Ryuenjin
Obtain: Aiming Laser/Rakuhouha

Cyber Peacock actually has different weaknesses against X and Zero. As X, he's weak against Soul Body. As Zero, he's weak against Ryuenjin. By exploiting his weakness, the battle should be done in a matter of seconds. Each time you attack him with either Soul Body or Ryuenjin his action will be disturbed and he'll warp to another part of the room. The same situation applies when he starts firing off homing missiles (much harder to avoid than Web Spider's attacks, but not impossible). Keep using his weakness to your advantage and you'll be done in no time, acquiring Aiming Laser for X and Rakuhouha for Zero.

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