Cyber Elves

Cyber Elves are new age creatures capable of assisting or merging with reploids to enhance their abilities. Once used, a Cyber Elf is destroyed. They are divided into three categories; Nurse, Hacker, and Animal.

Elves can be equipped as Satellite, which are immediately put to use and can be unequipped. They can never die and you can have a total of elves equip.

Fusion Elves typically have a permanent effect on Zero and can be used whenever though several are not permanent. Once they are used, they die.

Somes elves require a certain number of Energy Crystals (EC) to evolve and otherwise cannot be used. A few can be converted from Fusion to Satelite and back by using EC.

When Zero crosses into the Cyber World, all Fusion Elves he has not used will automatically be used. Once he exits the Cyber World, the effects will be lost though the Cyber Elves will still be alive.

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