Crimson Dragon

Crimson Dragon
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Appearences in:Megaman Starforce 3
First AppearenceMegaMan Starforce 3


[edit] Summary

The final boss in Star Force 3 that was formed when King fused himself with Meteor G. He became stronger by eating Kelvin Stelar. Megaman then faces him into two fights, one normal, and one in his finalized form, which defeated the dragon after using his BBF during the third turn.

[edit] Boss Data

[edit] SF3

[edit] Health

Version 1: 2000HP

Version SP: 4500HP

Version Sigma: 6000HP

[edit] Locations

Version 1:

In Meteor Server 4, during main storyline.

Version SP:

In Meteor Server 4, takes the place of Version 1 if Megaman has all 5 gold stars.

Version Sigma:

Found randomly in the Meteor Server after having the Sigma Silver Star.

[edit] Attacks

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