Crash Man

No. 013
Crashman.pngCrash Man
NameCrash Man
First Appeared InMega Man 2
Appears InMega Man 2
WeaponCrash Bomb
WeaknessAir Shooter
  • Hard Knuckle
  • Crash Man (クラッシュマン, Kurasshuman, Clashman in Japan) was built by Dr. Wily to withstand explosions. Crash Man is a Robot Master from Mega Man 2. Crash Man will jump and shoot when Mega Man jumps or shoots. His weapon, the Crash Bomb is set on a timer and will explode where planted after a short period of time. His base seems to be located in an aeronautics lab of some sort. He has high agility and enhanced armor allowing him use of the heavy duty Crash Bomber, but is weak to the Air Shooter due to the fact that when he jumps, the Air Shooter can knock him off balance(Though it can be speculated that it blows his bombs back at him, he is explicitly said to be armored from the explosions). He appears to be an enhanced version of Bomb Man. His stage partakes in the presence of space and the screen gets darker the higher you climb and eventually blacks out and stars appear when near Crash Man himself. Crash Man never stops moving. He'll jump when shot at and use his Crash Bomb. His weakness is Air Shooter.

    [edit] Other Appearances

    Crash Man also appears as a Doc robot in Mega Man 3. He is found at the end of the revised version of Needle Man's Stage.

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