Copy X

Copy X
First AppearanceMega Man Zero
AffiliationNeo Arcadia, Dr. Weil
WeaponsBuster, feet.
ElementAll (armor allows changing)
Armed Phenomenon formSeraph

Copy X is the leader of Neo Arcadia. He finds that Reploids are the source of the current energy crisis, and begins to crack down on them, labeling an indefinite amount of them as Mavericks.


[edit] Personality

Copy X, as noted by quite a few characters, is naive in his thinking process. This is a result of not having the memories or experience of the original X. Thus, when the energy crisis occurs, Copy X brands a large amount of Reploids as Mavericks in order for humanity to survive. Another example of this is that he believes that he is a "perfect copy of X". However, his personality is far different than that of X's, being a stubborn perfectionist, aggressive, impulsive, and egotistical.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Mega Man Zero

After X was forced to use his body to seal away the Dark Elf, Ciel created Copy X as a substitute leader. However, without the knowledge the original X contained, Copy X was not as effective a leader as X was. Once the energy crisis started, Copy X labeled many simple Reploids as Mavericks, but some escapees fled and became the Resistance. Their leader was his creator, Ciel.

Eventually, Copy X's troops cornered Ciel and a small group of resistance members in the area around Zero's hibernation chamber. After some deaths, including Milan, Zero was freed, and eradicated the squadron, including a Golem. Zero received the Z-Saber from X's Cyber-Elf form.

After many missions and the defeat of all four of his Guardians (including the death of Phantom), Zero arrived in Copy X's throne room. Despite the wishes of the three remaining guardians, Copy X ordered them to leave so he could face Zero one-on-one. Copy X started the battle in his Ultimate Armor, but was quickly defeated. After being insulted by Zero, Copy X activates his Armed Phenomenon form, a giant, floating seraph. Despite a barrage of lasers, paralyzing halos, and the difficult footing under Zero's feet, Copy X was defeated, and tried to bring Zero with him by exploding (similar to Phantom). However, Zero escaped, and Sage Harpuia took over the role of leader of Neo Arcadia. Copy X's death was covered up.

[edit] Mega Man Zero 2

Copy X does not appear in Mega Man Zero 2.

[edit] Mega Man Zero 3

Copy X never makes an appearance in Mega Man Zero 2. Instead, he appears early on in Mega Man Zero 3, newly resurrected by Dr. Weil. A vocal bug in his system caused a stutter in his voice, and his previously red eyes became blue outside of battle. Copy X retained his skill, although with the addition of the Reflect Laser, which proved troublesome for Zero. Despite the new ability and all his best effort, Copy X was defeated once again. Trying to activate his Armed Phenomenon, a bomb planted within him by Weil was triggered, due to Copy X's rebellion. This caused his second death, and was also his last appearance.

[edit] Mega Man Zero 4

Copy X does not appear in Mega Man Zero 4.

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