Commander Yammark

Commander Yammark
First Appearence:Megaman X6

Japanese Name: Commander Yammark (same)

Commander Yammark was a reploid created for the nature preservation project. As leader, he accidentally burnt the forest by control disorder but wasn't accused. His flying system was anonymously altered, leading to a fatal crash and death. Gate recreated Yammark, with small mechaniloid dragonflies that surround him.

Weakness: Ray Arrow/Rekkoha
Obtain: Yammar Option


  • Yammar Option - his dragonflies fire multiple green balls in all directions, as he flies up and down.
  • Dragon Command - orders a set of dragonflies to charge at you.
  • Yammar Option #2 - slowly charges at you, with dragonflies emitting green balls.
  • Line of Dragons - once again, he slowly charges at you. This time, the dragonflies trail him, creating a slanted line.

    Strategy: Difficulty: 3/10
    Despite having the title of "commander," Commander Yammark is extremely weak. He flies at a slow pace and has embarrassing defense power. Commander Yammark is weak against the Ray Arrow / Rekkoha.
    When the battle commences, his dragonflies will constantly fire green balls. These balls are slightly difficult to evade because they're everywhere. As long as you properly jump and dash, you should be able to avoid them. Use the walls for support. Don't worry if you're hit by the green balls because they deal a minute amount of damage. After this barrage of attacks, Yammark will pause for a very (and I mean very) short amount of time. Take this time to stun him with the Ray Arrow. If you're using Zero, just use successive Rekkohas at the start of the battle, and he'll go down before he can even attack.
    Once he's down to pitiful health, he'll fly at you with dragonflies trailing him, forming a line. Supposedly, this is his "ultimate" attack. However, this is an attack he rarely uses. In addition, its attack power is low and will not cause much damage. With the Ray Arrow, he should be dead before he can even execute this attack. If you don't have the Ray Arrow/Rekkoha - in other words - if you haven't beaten Infinity Mijinion, fully-charged shots from X or slashes from Zero will still complete the job. With Zero, slash when he pauses. With X, charge while he's attacking and release when he pauses. It's recommended that you start with Commander Yammark as the first boss. It's very easy to beat him even without a special weapon. The only challenge in Yammark's stage is the stage itself.
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