First Appearence:Mega Man Battle Network 5

CloudMan.EXE is a solo NetNavi affiliated with Nebula as a Darkloid during the events of Mega Man Battle Network 5.

[edit] Overview

[edit] Mega Man Battle Network 5

Cloudman first appears as a Darkloid watching guard over the Nebula-controlled Scilab area. MegaMan and Team Protoman/Colonel are able to defeat Cloudman and liberate the Scilab area, but is able to capture MegaMan with one of his clouds and MegaMan is then captured by Nebula.

Cloudman make another appearance in the Undernet when ToadMan.EXE/Meddy.EXE try to break in the Undernet. ProtoMan.EXE/Colonel.EXE shield their comrade and Cloudman deletes him.
Cloudman guarding the SciLab Area
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