Ciel2.jpgDr. Ciel and Passy
First AppearanceMegaman Zero
AffilationResistance, Zero

Ciel is the human that found Zero at the beginning of the first Megaman Zero game.


[edit] Megaman Zero

During the first game, she is a scientist working on the creation of a substitute energy source because she believes that it will stop the war between Neo Arcadia and the Resistance. She convinces Zero, who suffers from memory loss, to fight together with them to defeat Neo Arcadia and their leader, Copy X, who is a copy of the legendary X from the Megaman X series. It is revealed later on in the game that Ciel herself was the one who created Neo Arcadia as a utopia where humans and reploids could live in harmony, and Copy X himself to lead it, as the original X's body was lost.

[edit] Megaman Zero 2

During the second game, Ciel is still working on the substitute energy. After Elpizo's betrayal, she acts as the commander of the resistance.

[edit] Megaman Zero 3

At the beginning of the third game, Ciel has succeeded in creating the substitute energy source, the Ciel System.

[edit] Megaman Zero 4

Ciel now, leading Resistance Base in trailer. Which is near human city and campaign.

[edit] Other

It is also mentioned in the first game of the Megaman ZX series that Ciel is the creator of the Biometals, aside from Model W, and Prairie, the reploid leading the Guardians, who calls her Sister.

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