Chill Penguin

Chill Penguin
Chill Penguin
NameChill Penguin
Appears InMega Man X

Chill Penguin is usually the first boss tackled in Mega Man X. In his level X acquires Light's Capsule for the Dash Boots.

[edit] Strategy

Though extremely easy to beat, Chill Penguin has a range of attacks. He'll typically start by sliding around the stage. Simply dodge this by jumping up the walls, take note that he can ricochet off the walls a bit. He can also jump upwards to pull the switch on the ceiling trigger a snowstorm that pushes X to the wall. This can be stopped by knocking Penguin back down with a charged X-Buster shot. Chill Penguin also has the ability to create ice penguins which the blizzard can also push though he'll often break them by sliding through them. Additionally he can use Shotgun Ice, which allows him to pelt out bullets of ice. His attacks are slow and often predictable so just nail with charged shots when possible and stick to the walls otherwise.

[edit] Secrets

[edit] Dr. Light's Capsule

Dash Boot Capsule.png

The Dash Boots are acquired by simply by proceeding through the level as normal.

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