Centaur Man

No. 042
Centaurman.pngCentaur Man
NameCentaur Man
First Appeared InMega Man 6
Appears InMegaman 6, Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters
WeaponCentaur Flash / Centar Arrow
WeaknessKnight Crusher / Gyro Ball

[edit] Mega Man 6

Centaur Man (ケンタウロスマン, Kentaurosuman, also known as "Kentauros Man") is a Robot Master that originally worked in a old museum. He first appeared in Megaman 6. He has the ability to freeze enemies in their tracks with his Centaur Flash. He is the only Robot Master to have more than two legs and he is the only Robot that cannot jump. He also shoots a bullet that separates into a barrage of bullets when it hits a wall.

[edit] Other Appearances

In Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, Centaur Man wields a shield and a spear. His new main weapon is the Centaur Arrow, making him one of the only Robot Masters to have two separate main weapons.

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