Burn Rooster

Japanese Name: Burn Kokekokker

Burn Rooster has a very bad temper and tends to stomp on nearby objects. His burning rage overwhelms him at times, and he loses control. Rooster's arena consists of a facility inside a volcano. Here, Rooster uses his fire abilities to melt waste materials.

Weakness: Drift Diamond/Hyouryuushou/Ice Gattling
Obtain: Melt Creeper/Enkoujin/Flame Burner


  • Enkoujin - does a downward flaming kick. (Normal)
  • Melt Creeper - stomps on the ground, releasing a trail of fire. (Normal)
  • Hot Head - fires his burning "hair" at you. Can be negated by attacking Burn Rooster with Ice Weapons.(Normal)
  • Extreme Melt Creeper - creates a trail of fire that lasts twice as long. (Crazy)
  • Flame Burner - creates a column of fire on both sides. (Hyper)
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