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Mega Man Battle Network 3

BubbleMan.EXE is a solo NetNavi from Mega Man Battle Network 3. He works for the criminal syndicate WWW and his cousin is DrillMan.EXE. His finishes a lot of his sentences with "-blub".

[edit] In The Games

[edit] MegaMan Battle Network 3

BubbleMan was created by Dr. Wily to be a part of WWW. He is shown to be a coward throughout the game, running away from MegaMan and hiding behind different obstacles. He also does not hesitate to trick his enemies in order to win. He is put in charge of making the new BubbleWash machine, which traps its users in large bubbles that will explode and kill them after a set period of time. Lan and MegaMan first encounter BubbleMan in the ACDC Area after Mayl Sakurai and Ms. Mari get trapped in bubbles from Mayl's new BubbleWash. BubbleMan escapes from them, however he leaves behind a trail of small bubbles that MegaMan can follow. MegaMan eventually comes to an area in Yoka 1 that he is unable to cross without the Press Program. After Dr. Cossak gives this program to Lan, MegaMan is able to cross, however shortly after BubbleMan creates a door out of bubbles and gives a needle, the item needed to open the door, to the Bubble Brigade, a group of three HeelNavis that act as BubbleMan's minions. After MegaMan defeats them in SciLab 1, he receives the needle and breaks down BubbleMan's door. Shorty after, the two fight and BubbleMan is defeated. After the fight, BubbleMan begs for mercy from MegaMan, saying he will make the bubbles go away if MegaMan lets him live. However, he instead tries to make the bubbles explode faster and as he is trying to escape he is deleted by ProtoMan.

BubbleMan is again referenced later on during the N1 Grand Prix arc by Lan when Sunayama tries to escape.

BubbleMan does not appear again until near the end of the game as Castle Wily. He is once again deleted by MegaMan.

[edit] Battle Chips

Battle Chip
42 (Mega) BN3MegaChip42.png BubblMn Fires several AquaShots 20 Aqua.png B 50 MB ***
43 (Mega) BN3MegaChip43.png BubblMnV2 Fires several AquaShots 20 Aqua.png B 62 MB ****
44 (Mega) BN3MegaChip44.png BubblMnV3 Fires several AquaShots 20 Aqua.png B 74 MB *****
45 (Mega) BN3MegaChip45.png BubblMnV4 Fires several AquaShots 20 Aqua.png B 80 MB *****
10 (Giga) BN3GigaChip10.png BubblMnV5 Fires several AquaShots 20 Aqua.png B 86 MB *****
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