Boomer Kuwanger

Boomer Kuwanger
First Appearance:Megaman X
Weapons:Boomerang Cutter
WeaknessesHoming Torpedo / Humerus Crush

Boomer Kuwanger is a Maverick in Mega Man X.

[edit] Strategy

This boss is difficult but a sub-tank or the Homing Torpedos should suffice. To start off, Kuwanger has the ability to teleport. Where he'll re-appear is always random but limited to the ground. Be warned that if he does appear next to X, he will hurl him into the ceiling. Clinging to the walls is a good strategy here but with Kuwanger's dashing and boomerang he can often be waiting right beneath X and knock him down with a Boomerang Cutter. If using the X Buster, it takes quick movement and a sharp eye to take this guy down. Homing Torpedos just require staying on the wall and keep firing away.

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