Blizzard Wolfang

Japanese Name: Blizzard Wolfang (same)

Blizzard Wolfang led an arctic exploration team to the North Pole. His team was mysteriously attacked by Mavericks, leaving him the sole survivor. His sharp claws prevent him from slipping on ice.

Weakness: Magma Blade/Shoenzan
Obtain: Ice Burst/Hyoroga


  • Scratch Charge - attaches his sharp fangs to a wall and subsequently, charges at you.
  • Ice Burst - shoots an ice block from mouth, which breaks into three fragments.
  • Extreme Ice Burst - clings to ceiling and shoots a barrage of ice blocks. The blocks break to form multiple fragments.
  • Icicle Dash - slides along ceiling and ground, releasing icicles (stalagmites/stalactites).

    Strategy: Difficulty: 5/10
    Surprisingly, Blizzard Wolfang is a very easy boss, despite his cool and intimidating appearance. He is pyrophobic and weak against the Magma Blade / Shouenzan.
    His attacks are very simple and easy to dodge. When the battle instigates, he will charge at you. You simply just have to dash jump to evade this attack. Shortly afterwards, he'll fire blocks from his mouth. These blocks move in the direction of an arch. Cling to one of the walls or dash away to avoid being hit. Blizzard Wolfang is always moving, but he's vulnerable to attacks at all times. Let him "taste fire," and watch his health bar drop.
    After he loses a substantial amount of health, he'll perform more powerful attacks. He'll cling to the ceiling and fire a barrage of ice blocks. This attack becomes predictable as soon as he clings to the ceiling. Be ready to dodge it. He'll also "air-dash" through the screen, releasing icicles. The icicles are motionless, although they shouldn't be touched. Continually connect with his weakness, and Blizzard Wolfang will submit in less than a minute! Apparently, the "copycat Wolverine" isn't so tough.
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