Blaze Heatnix

Japanese Name: Blaze Heatnix (same)

Blaze Heatnix was created by Gate to research dangerous areas. She was sent underground to the Hot Spot, where sources of lava deep within the Earth exist. Her job there was to minimize the effects of a volcano ready to erupt.

Weakness: Ground Dash/Sentsuizan
Obtain: Magma Blade/Shoenzan


  • Bottom Eruption - summons a purple lava, which fills up half of the bottom screen.
  • Burning Rock - fires a molten rock from her hand. The rock splits into three when it touches a surface.
  • Attack from Below - dives into the lava and rises from underneath to attack.
  • Upper Eruption - summons a purple lava, which fills up half of the top screen. Drops of fire continuously drip between each platform.
  • Sun Blast - fires a crescent-shaped, sun-based projectile.
  • Wing Attack - uses wings to charge at you.
  • Phoenix Formation - rapidly charges at you with intense heat. Beautiful fire trail her, creating a marvelous attack.

    Strategy: Difficulty: 8/10
    The name "Heatnix" should already foreshadow the difficulty of this battle. Blaze Heatnix is weak against the Ground Dash / Sentsuizan.
    Immediately into the battle, Heatnix will summon a purple lava, which fills up half of the bottom screen. At this point, you must use the three floating platforms to move around and attack. Heatnix's attacks in this stage of the battle are relatively easy to dodge. Her molten rock can be dodged by jumping to the nearest platform or clinging to the walls. By always being agile and mobile, you will evade her "attack from underneath." However, the Ground Dash (X) is a very slow attack, and Heatnix is a very quick Maverick. Thus, you'll find it difficult to hit this fast lunatic. Although Zero's Sentsuizan is a fast attack, it's also a downward attack. By using a downward attack, you'll risk falling into the purple lava underneath, taking huge damage. Of course, the charged X-Buster and Z-Saber also work well in this battle. Pick your weapon of choice.
    Once Heatnix loses a fair amount of health, the second stage of the battle will commence. Heatnix will either summon the purple lava underneath and repeat her attacks, or she'll summon the lava from above. If she picks the latter, then her attacks will alter. In this stage, jumping is practically disabled because of the lava right above your head. However, you're still required to jump or duck to dodge her crescent-shaped projectile. In this stage, you will need to get close to deliver the Ground Dash with X. Zero's Sentsuizan works extremely well though, as the lava is now above you, not below you.
    Once Heatnix is almost dead, she will use her ultimate attack. She'll soar through the screen like a phoenix. This attack will fill either the upper half or bottom half of the screen. In addition, the half Heatnix chooses is random. Obviously, this attack deals a ridiculous amount of damage. Speed is a major key in this battle. Try to destroy Heatnix before she uses this attack. Otherwise, you may be in trouble. Use an energy tank if you must. Heatnix also has a very strong defense. However, by effectively evading her attacks and connecting with the Ground Dash/Sentsuizan, Heatnix will eventually fall.
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