Big Bangs

[edit] Overview

This will list every Noise Force Bang (NFB) cards in the game. These are usually gotten through a counter while in a noise form, or in Black Ace's/Red Joker's folder when you finalize. Some white sets however, have them but a weaker version. The only form that doesn't get one of these cards through a counter is Rogue (Burai) noise

[edit] NFB Listings

It will be in the following format:
Noise Form: (Note that forms that gain the card through a counter will be listed here.)

Now for the listings.

Name: Thunderbolt Blade

Description: Swings a giant blade that attacks a 3x3 area three times. If an enemy is in front of Megaman, it is used in front if the enemy. Causes paralyze.

Attack: 100

Element: Elec

Noise Form: Crown/Gemini

Name: Atom Blazer

Description: Releases a fire blast that hits the column in front and on Megaman's sides.

Attack: 400

Element: Fire

Noise Form: Taurus/Corvus

Name: Dynamic Wave

Description: Sends three waves down the columns, covering the entire field. Range never changes.

Attack: 100

Element: Aqua

Noise Form: Virgo/Cancer

Name: Elemental Cyclone

Description: Sends a Giant Cyclone down the columns that covers one column that it was summoned on and the columns to its sides. Doesn't cause flinching.

Attack: 100

Element: Wood

Noise Form: Wolf/Ophiuca

Name: Meteor Light Barrage

Description: Sends 18 meteors down on random panels in the back 3x3 area, although it hits two on each panel. (Max 280 Damage)

Attack: 140

Element: Null

Noise Form: Cygnus

Name: Black End Galaxy

Description: The strongest single hit NFB. Hits the entire field with a galaxy slash that inflicts gravity.

Attack: 500

Element: Null/Sword/Wind

Noise Form: Black Ace Finalization

Name: Red Gaia Eraser

Description: The strongest NFB, if enemy is in front of Megaman. Throws two disks into the air and sends a beam down the column in front of Megaman, then hits the entire field (but Megaman's row of course) with disk lasers and then Megaman disappears and the entire field explodes. Cracks/Holes the field and can hit up to three times.

Attack: 200

Element: Fire

Noise Form: Red Joker Finalization

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