First Appearence:Mega Man Battle Network

Bass.EXE is a solo NetNavi (meaning he could use 100% of his power without the use of a net- operator), created by Dr. Cossack during the early days of the "Alpha" cybernetwork, the first version of the cybernet. His strength and abilities were far superior to other netnavi of the time. He was branded as a trouble maker due to the fact he only listened to his creator, Dr. Cossack, and was constantly "troubleshooting" security systems, often by destroying them if they were to weak, including the destruction of 72 netnavies. Many of the scientists in charge of the net called for his deletion because of this, but Dr. Cossack convinced them to simply jail Bass, because he couldn't bare to see him deleted. In order to do this, Dr. Cossack created limiters that reduced Bass' power to 1/10 of normal. While Bass was being detained, a massive system disruption of the Alpha Cybernetwork began. During this time, Bass cell was opened and he wandered into the net, still wearing the limiters. Authorities believed the damages and crashes to be the work of Bass EXE, and thus several official navis were sent to delete him, despite his pleas of innocence. Even with the limiters Bass managed to put up quite a fight and destroyed several of his attackers, before being seriously injured (the injury that left a scar across his navi mark). It was at this time Bass gained his hatred for humans, after Dr. Cossack failed to intervene and prove that Bass was not responsible. During the fight, it was determined that the damages were actually caused by the Alpha system itself, not Bass, and the attack was called off, and all of his assailants jacked out with the exception of one, who was still determined to see Bass deleted. Right before the finishing blow was delivered, the function of the limiters changed and altered Bass' programing, giving him the "Get Ability" program. This allowed Bass EXE to prevail and destroy his opponent. After that he vowed vengeance on the human race that had cast him aside, and vanished into the net, eventually coming to live in the Undernet were he sought out and destroyed navis to gain their abilities and grow in strength for the day he would get his revenge. Since time he has earned himself the nickname "The Black Shadow".

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